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Despite the apparent simplicity of the wooden objects presented on this site, a considerable amount of basic knowledge is necessary to understand how they work and, above all, the remarkable effects they generate.

You will find here essential references, from our point of view, which will allow you, without you having to be seasoned specialists, to grasp its essence.

You will find references of videos, films, books, articles, etc., which will enlighten you on the basic principles which govern the operation of quantum-optimizers.

We wish you good reading / viewing!

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2) Scalar waves

Scalar energy is the underlying energyof the universe. It is energythat comes from “Zero-Point EnergyField”, a term coined by Albert Einstein to describe the field of energybehind everything in the universe, or “Matrix” the term coined by Max Planck. “Zero-point” refers to a type of energythat has no frequency.

Ondes Scalaires (Technologie de Nicolas Tesla) – Applications

Les ondes scalaires, la lumière qui nourrit et qui guérit

Photography and scalar light: observed effects

5) Quantum physics

Our consciousness and our mental state, positive or negative, can influence the course of our future life. Here are some thoughts and hypotheses about the power of our mind and our intentions, based on the amazing phenomena of quantum physics.

From quantum physics to positive thinking

Dr Quantum double slit and entanglement

The quantum leap – The magic of the cosmos

The silence of a GIANT: The enigmatic life of Paul DIRAC

9) The meta-competence

From “meta” (in Greek: beyond) and competence (from an etymological point of view, the Latin origin of the word “competence” indicates “cum” with, and petere which we find in “petition”.

Competence therefore indicates a movement of joint action (1). The term competence in the 15th century is borrowed from the Low Latin competentia “proportion, exact ratio”.)

We can therefore define meta-competence as a shared competence beyond each individual competence, in the present moment (there is no need for training).

This phenomenon is due to the existence of resonance fields (which some call for example: the akashic fields) which holds the sum of individual skills, made available without the chronological scale of time being obliged to intervene.

Everything is available, in the here and now, provided that one opens one’s heart to this particular resonance.

Bobby Mc Ferrin shows us brilliantly here, giving everyone the chance to realize they have a skill they didn’t think they had a minute before.

This phenomenon is also known by the so-called “100 monkeys” experiment.

Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

Bobby McFerrin – Ave Maria en salle

Bobby McFerrin – Ave Maria – Salzburg

14) Bio-photons

The biophoton (from the Greek βιο meaning “life” and φωτο meaning “light”) is a photon of biological origin that is not derived from the products of a specific enzymatic reaction.

It is thus a chemiluminescence of biological origin which is distinguished from bioluminescence by its absence of dedicated enzymatic mechanism and by an ultra-low magnitude or intensity ( ultra-weak spontaneous photon emission, or sometimes simply ultra-weak photon emission). Fritz-Albert Popp, inventor of the term, defines biophotons by the intensity of their emission at the surface of living tissue, which is of the order of 10 to 1000 photons per square centimeter and per second.

Biophoton – Définition et Explications

15) Bioresonance

18) Environmental health

22) DNA

Scientists reveal that DNA has mediumistic functions: telepathy, irradiation and interdimensional contact!
“Our DNA is a bio-coordinator”, say Russian scientists.
Scientific research explains such phenomena as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous acts of healing and self-cure and others.
When scientists began to discover the world of genetics, they realized the usefulness of only 10% of our DNA. The rest (90%) was considered as “POUBELLE DNA”, i.e. without function for the human body.
However, this fact was a reason for questioning, because some scientists did not believe that the physical body would provide elements that would not be useful.
And so Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues began research with “state-of-the-art” equipment to search for the 90% of DNA that was not understood.
And the results presented are fantastic, reaching aspects previously considered “esoteric” of our DNA.


  1. DNA has a telepathic capacity
    According to the latest research, scientists have concluded that our DNA is a receiver and transmitter of information beyond space-time.
    According to this research, our DNA generates patterns that act in a vacuum, producing magnetized “wormholes”! These are microscopic “wormholes”, similar to the “wormholes” seen in the universe.
    It is known that “wormholes” are like bridges or tunnels of connections between totally different areas of the universe, through which information is transmitted outside space and time.
    This means that DNA attracts information and transmits it to cells and consciousness, a function that scientists consider the internet of the physical body, but much more advanced than the internet that hacks our computers.
    This discovery suggests that DNA has something that can be called inter-spatial and inter-dimensional telepathy. In other words, DNA is open to and responsive to communication.
    Research related to the reception and transmission of information via DNA explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous acts of healing and self-cure and others.

  2. Reprogramming of the DNA through the mind and words
    Garjajev’s group also discovered that DNA has a language of its own, containing a kind of grammatical syntax, similar to the grammar of human language, and leading them to conclude that DNA is influenceable by words emitted by the mind and by the voice, confirming the effectiveness of techniques of affirmation, hypnosis (or self-hypnosis) and positive visions.
    It was an impressive discovery, because it is said that if we adapt the frequencies of our verbal language and the images generated by our thoughts, the DNA will reprogram itself, accepting a new order and a new rule, from the idea that is transmitted from within.
    The DNA, in this case, receives the information from the words and images of the thought and transmits it to all the cells and molecules of the body, which are ordered according to the new pattern issued by the DNA.
    Russian scientists are able to reprogram DNA in living organisms using the right DNA resonance frequencies and get quite positive results, especially in regeneration of damaged DNA!
    They use laser light coded as a human language to transmit healthy information to the DNA and this technique is already applied in some European university hospitals, with success in different types of skin cancer. The cancer is cured, no scars remain.

  3. DNA responds to laser light interference:

23) Quotes

  • “Treat people as if they are what they could be and you will help them become what they are capable of being.” (Goethe)
  • “Alone we go faster, together we go further…” (Inconnu)
  • “It is your thought patterns that decide whether you will succeed or fail..” (Henry Ford)
  • ” You are the master of your life, and whatever your prison, you have the keys.” (Hervé Desbois)
  • “Our mind has only those limits that we recognize in it.” (Napoleon Hill)
  • “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory does not understand it.” (Niels Bohr)
  • “Let us learn to see. Let us become aware that everything is connected to all the others.” (Leonardo da Vinci)
  • “We are the product of quantum fluctuations in the primordial universe.” (Stephen Hawking)
  • “Quantum physics thus reveals a fundamental unity of the universe.” (Erwin Schrödinger)
  • “Everything is energy, and that is all there is to understand in life.” (Albert Einstein)