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This section offers tests and studies highlighting the different results obtained with certain products that we offer in our store.

Some documents are quite voluminous, and for your reading comfort, only an introduction will be present below. The complete dossier will be accessible via a download link indicated at the bottom of the introductory text.

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The Dinamika Technology

Dinamika is a heart rate variability measuring instrument produced by the Dinamika company in St. Petersburg.


The practice of some treatments is nowadays characterized by an increased use of complex diagnostic devices. Special modern equipment provides opportunities to obtain an objective assessment of our state of health, make a quick prognosis of any changes in this condition and take decisions about medical help. The Dinamika instrument allows to check the changes in the bodies of any subject and they do so with an appropriate time selection.

Also the diagnostic equipment that is usually offered by the medical industry both in Russia and abroad is very expensive and the application takes a lot of effort. Examining one’s health by such complex devices most of the time requires going to the clinic or hospital – which is not always possible. Only people with specialized medical education and appropriate training can use such equipment. So, introducing diagnostic technologies can not benefit the majority of those in need of medical assistance and help.

To learn more and view the full document, please download it by clicking on the link below.

Download the complete file (pdf)

Electroacupuncture according to R.Voll

As early as 1938, Dr JEH Niboyet, Professor of Medicine at the University of Montpellier, demonstrated the variability of the resistivity of acupuncture points according to the state of health of the individual.

Around 1954, Dr R. Voll began to use a measuring device (ohm meter) coupled to two electrodes applied to acupuncture points and noted that the results obtained made it possible to identify the energy imbalances of the various meridians and of the organs that are connected to it.

Thus began electro acupuncture, a fabulous diagnostic aid method.

Non-invasive, painless and reproducible, it makes it possible to obtain an immediate response reflecting any variation in the immediate environment of the subject being tested.

Thus, by placing a metallic honeycomb electrode in the measurement circuit, it is possible to evaluate the reaction of acceptance or rejection of any substance, food, homeopathic and allopathic remedies, allergens, smartphone, etc.
It also becomes possible to identify the product capable of correcting the observed imbalances.

This wonderful method has allowed us to follow the development of these devices (transducers, DNA plates, diapasons, etc.) on humansand to confirm their spectrum of action both near and at an infinite distance on their environment. .

The transducer plate for food and beverage

This tray, made of beech or linden wood, contains specific programs allowing everything that is drunk (water, wine, etc..) or eaten (fruits, vegetables, plants, etc..) to return to its archetype (the purest and most potent original version).

Here are some demonstrations:

Download the complete file (pdf)

The Yin transducer

The Yin transducer has a protective function. Indeed, it has been programmed to protect you from any type of nuisance and to optimise to its best extent your health and well-being potential It reharmonizes, strengthens and revitalizes all the biological systems of living things.

Download the complete file (pdf)