Everything that lives, vibrates

Nature knows nothing of imperfection; imperfection is a human perception of nature. As we are part of nature we are also perfect; it is our humanity that is imperfect.

Heinz Pagels (anc. president of International League for Human Rights)

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Quantum Optimiser

A Quantum Optimiser is a device which promotes the return to balance of any disturbed biological system whether at the mineral, plant or animal level, including humans, on the basis of determined vibrations emitted by the system.

It is therefore mainly a resonanceeffect,
which can be summarized as follows

everything that lives, vibrates !

The resonance of living things is also called :



Wood Messages

Since time immemorial, wood has been recognized and used for its physical resonance properties.

Today, recent discoveries demonstrate that wood performs quantum resonance capabilities at least equivalent physical resonance capabilities.


Happy Customers

As far as I’m concerned
“Although my assessment may seem subjective, UNDOUGHTLY, my physical form has been quite exceptional for a week!; Very little tired after my working days, unlike usual (I have not yet placed my photo in the device).” Continuation of the testimony

Pascal P.

Calvi, 63 years

“I had the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of the DNA plaque during a very stubborn headache,
since I was unable to concentrate on my work.
Far from being frequently prone to headaches, when this happens to me, the only way for me to get better is to sleep. “
Continuation of the testimony
Madison D.

Gex, 24 years

Okay, so for me it’s very effective for my morale, every time I have a new challenge I concentrate a lot better, I carry it out without a problem.

Then I always have to stay focused, on the challenge I am performing so as not to fall …
Continuation of the testimony

Ludovic M.

45 years


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