High Frequencies Pendant Diapason

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White Lion: Symbol of the sacred masculine, it embodies strength, security and benevolence, both towards himself and those around him. Moreover, he is a born leader.

Merkaba : Powerful geometric figure that, among other things, activates inactive areas of the brain (indeed, we only use 10% of our brain!). It would promote better communication between the left hemisphere (rational) and the right hemisphere (emotional).

Tao : balance yin, yang according to Chinese tradition.


Diapasons follow-up

There are 2 quantum resonance diapason device. Diapason at low frequencies for the relation to the earth, anchoring or horizontality A diapason at high frequencies for the relation to the sky, the verticality. Rebalancing in 40 days by following a natural evolutionary process in 3 phases

The first phase, about 3 days:
days: The diapason adjusts to your body => It is adaptation.

The second phase, until the 21st day: the diapason accompanies you for a transformation and an emotional cleansing adapted to each one.

The third phase, until the 40th day: the diapason promotes repair and revitalization of your body.


Diapasons follow-up

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Man, Man & Woman, Woman


Diam. 3,5 cm


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